About the Course

Why this course?

While wellbeing is personal, it’s everybody’s business. In collaboration with Kaya, the programme takes a multi-dimensional approach in wellbeing which includes physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual dimensions. The focus is also not only on the individual contributor, but also the teams, organisations and communities in which they operate.  It ensures that participants are afforded an opportunity to build wellbeing resources, not only to navigate current challenges, but to frontload these wellbeing resources for future challenges strengthening the bounce back ability of the organisation and its people.

This journey starts with exploring our current resources and support and building more if we need.  Leaders are in a unique position. When the chips are down, all eyes are on them, imploring them to show the way. The greater the uncertainty, the greater the expectation that leaders will deliver a clear way forward. Their skills for building teams are now being leveraged to ensure that collaboration continues beyond the confines of brick and mortar. And most importantly, their skills for engaging with individuals are now being used to address whole person wellbeing.

Who should attend/take this course?

  • Professionals who are leading at the forefront and want to learn how to build their capability and capacity to function effectively
  • Organisations that wish to equip their leaders in establishing a wellbeing culture

How you will benefit from this course

The program leverages existing, available host organisational resources to support the implementation including internal communications, technology (e.g. Intranet) and learning and development functions. It is based on extensive research by Kaya into the field of wellbeing.  Practical and designed to provide participants with accessible information making it easy to apply within their own context. It can easily be implemented by the organisation with minimal effort.  Learnings are incorporated in the daily tasks of leaders, e.g.  conversations with direct reports.  Assessment of the pre and post wellbeing state of individuals provide useful insights into wellbeing growth and transformation that occurs over the duration of the program.

Key Focus Areas

  • Module 1: Why wellbeing matters
  • Module 2: The seven wellbeing resources
  • Module 3: Introducing the wellbeing conversa􀆟on
  • Module 4: My current wellbeing resources
  • Module 5: Quality wellbeing conversations: Building wellbeing resources
  • Module 6: Quality wellbeing: conversations: Practicing self-care.
  • Module 7: Thinking drives wellbeing behaviour
  • Module 8: Shifting our thinking about wellbeing
  • Module 9: Locking in new thinking on wellbeing
  • Module 10:  Building wellbeing resources in teams
  • Module 11: Implementing specific wellbeing resources for reintegration
  • Module 12: Future fit: Frontloading wellbeing resources.

How to Register for the course

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Client Reviews

What people say?

A thought-provoking programme that made me realize I need to look after my own wellbeing to be an effective leader
I found the program very valuable and it has changed my thinking towards wellbeing in the workplace and personally

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