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About the Course

Why this course?

This programme is for organisations that are passionate about partnering with mental wellbeing professionals, who want to build healthy cultures, and support employees in developing skills for effective engagement and performance.  With insightful discussions, like-mindedness and specialist skills, this programme aims to highlight the ‘we’ back into wellbeing at work. Our clients have inspired us to develop a programme that brings a sense of ownership to managing mental wellbeing at work. This course is used as a transformational vehicle to drive flourishing, and optimal behaviour.

Who should attend/take this course?

  • Professionals aiming to increase their knowledge of mental health in the workplace
  • HR and Leaders seeking to develop their skill-set in supporting mental health
  • Organisations that require a know how to strategy for an effective wellbeing framework

How you will benefit from this course

  • We bring you a 3-part wellbeing programme, designed to provide you with practical tools and strategies to help you positively manage your own mental health, support others to optimise theirs, and proactively establish a workplace culture of wellbeing.  Rather than, ‘I know’, this programme is focussed on ‘how to’. 


    Packed with practical examples, interactive exercises and cutting edge thinking,  we will explore the fundamentals of mental health issues and mental wellbeing.  You will walk away with increased confidence in your ability to support employees in distress, a framework for developing an effective wellbeing programme and a heightened awareness of available resources.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the issues that impact mental health in the workplace and tools to manage your own wellbeing. 

How to Register for the course

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Key Focus Areas

Module 1:  Unpacking ill mental health and its triggers

The nuts and bolts of the differences in mental health and ill mental health, the influence of stress, and the opportunity to evaluate your own mental health functioning.

  • A greater awareness of mental health, how it can vary, and its impact on how we perform and behave at work
  • A deeper understanding of the impact of stress on your mental health and wellbeing
  • Tools and strategies that you can put in place immediately to reduce unhealthy stress, and positively manage your own wellbeing

Module 2: Supportive skills in leadership for mental wellbeing

A framework for offering support to employees is demonstrated through the use of basic supportive skills to equip you with the right tools in dealing with employees optimally and the concept of interpersonal skills will be sharpened to bring a new profound meaning in your role

  • A checklist to help you better spot the signs and symptoms that someone may be struggling with their mental health at work
  • The ability to identify increased stress levels within your team
  • A greater appreciation of the role of leadership/management in building positive and supportive cultures at work
  • Enhanced confidence in your ability to support others’ mental wellbeing including improved interpersonal skills e.g., non-judgmental listening

Module 3: Establishing a wellbeing culture

Explore the ‘we’ in wellbeing at work through a lens of social inclusion. Taking a systemic approach, this programme brings awareness into the do’s and don’ts of a wellbeing programme in the workplace and talks to a guided framework to assist employers in taking care of their employees which includes a step by step process to ensure ROI.

  • A wellbeing model to assist in closing the gap between the current state to the desired state.
  • A wellbeing framework in establishing a workplace culture which encourages good mental health and wellbeing strategies that is fit for purpose

Client Reviews

What people say?

The workshop was enriching and enjoyable. I appreciated how applicable and practical the steps and interventions were, from a personal human perspective in knowing what symptoms to look out for and how to look after myself in reducing the pressure and stress. But also, as a professional, by having the courageous conversations about mental well-being and being able to support, assist in generating a well-being culture in the organisations that I work in. I am looking forward to further learnings!
Christelle Robertson
Director CRPsychometric.co.za
Managers do need tools to engage with staff when they are emotional, and the workshop provided great points to help identify emotional staff and plan ways to manage them. The training was well organised and even though it was virtual, it was interesting, and one could easily engage with the facilitator.
Nicolene Rothman
HR Manager Qlink

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