About the Course

Why this course?

This isn’t any EQ course.  It’s specialised, specifically designed to utilize you in the experience of learning throughout the modules.  You are learning through reflection and doing, by challenging yourself in all areas of EQ. You may find yourself pondering, exploring, contemplating, smiling, cringing, debating and even laughing.  It’s self-paced, you can access content at any point, making it versatile and practical to ensure you gain the knowledge and skills for your transformation.  We have created content to keep you engaged through videos, presentations, animations, readings and activities.  Your awareness will be heightened,  thinking transformed, and you will walk away with increased confidence and capabilities, in your ability to lead yourself and others. 


Who should attend/take this course?

  • Employers seeking to develop talent for leadership capabiligites. 
  • Developing Leadership as part of leadership succession planning
  • Leaders within any discipline responsible for leading projects or operational functional areas, or leading small to large scale teams. 
  • C-suite teams who are looking to design and implement competitive strategy and accelerate innovation strategy.
  • Leaders seeking to bring transfer of knowledge to teams, allowing for implementation of the concepts and frameworks back in the workplace.

How you will benefit from this course

  • Exploring the interplay between emotional intelligence composites and leadership performance
  • Developing self-awareness and identifying areas impacting performance in the workplace
  • Practicing metacognition in decision making and interpersonal relationships
  • Identifying cognitive biases in leading the self and in others
  • Thinking about thinking in the application of emotional intelligence
  • Improving leadership capabilities to enhance performance
  • Improving team effectiveness and interpersonal relationships

Key Focus Areas

  • Acknowledge strengths and limitations of the self with key insight into development areas
  • Address biases and subjectivity that inhibit our ability to analyse, understand and respond in decision making and interpersonal relationships
  • Explain the core concepts of emotional intelligence and its influence in the workplace
  • Have a business case for emotional intelligence and improving performance
  • Apply effective solutions using emotional intelligence
  • Critically evaluate problems in decision making using metacognition
  • Improve relationships within teams through various strategies
  • Execute emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Incorporate elements of cognitive creativity and cognitive flexibility to improve leadership and leadership legacy

What this course costs:

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership – Online Course – $390.00

How to REGISTER for this online course:

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Client Reviews

What people say?

Some parts of this was really difficult for me as I had to challenge my own self, yet, it was necessary, as I realise so much more about how my behaviour and what was needed to change.
The practical application of this course is excellent, I was able to make changes in my own role, that has had a positive impact on myself and my team.

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