About the Course

Why this course?

This is a micro learning workshop, delivered online over 2 hours, via Zoom.  The content provides an overview of the end to end career counselling process to support clients that are entering tertiary education, seeking to change career paths or develop themselves within their own career.  We learn about our own journey as a professional, the do’s and don’ts within career counselling and discover how to be unique in our own role.  You will gain insight into the various psychometrics used, as well as learn how to structure a meaningful consultation for integration and consolidation in report writing and feedback.  You learn about the experience of the candidate journey and the importance of honing in on their internal understanding of who they are relevant to the working world.  You will walk away with some real golden nuggets in stepping up as a professional in career counselling.  It’s content is created to ensure that you gain perspective and critical thinking skills throughout the process.

Who should attend/take this course?

  • Psychologists, Psychometrics and Registered Counsellors aiming to increase their career counselling skills within all areas of career counselling
  • Intern Psychologists, Psychometrics and Registered Counsellors seeking to gain a deeper understanding of career counselling tools and methodologies
  • Professionals who want to understand more about career counselling and the process in which it undertakes

How to Register for the course

Click on the button above to register for this online course.

How you will benefit from this course

 At the end of the micro learning workshop, you will have:

    • Gained 2 CPD points
    • Awareness into your own role as a career counsellor and its impact on the client
    • A full understanding of the methodology and structure of the career counselling process
    • Increased confidence in being a career counselling
    • Insight into identifying similarities and differences in the integration process
    • Understand how to leverage conversations with the client
    • Templates for your career counselling profession

Client Reviews

What people say?

I really enjoyed the workshop, it was a great introduction to career counselling and I had a helpful blend of theory and practical advice. Kirstin was able to answer questions well, and had an approachable way of conducting the session. Her passion is contagious.
The workshop exceeded my expectation and I’m very glad that I signed up to attend. I will definitely be signing up for more workshops by The ODC. It is value for money and you gain a lot of practical knowledge and insights to the career counselling field. I will be applying my learnings in my own professional practice.

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